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Azure class have been busy being trainee Year 3s for the last couple of weeks! They have worked very hard to write very neatly and to think about what they are writing carefully. They have rightfully been very proud of their efforts!
They have also made fantastic Bee leaflets to encourage their neighbours to create more bee friendly gardens too. Mr Pollard-Smith kindly came into school to tell us all about his beekeeping and the children were very well-behaved because they were so interested! They surprised us with the level of questions they asked him too! It did help that he dressed in his full beekeeper’s outfit and showed them a hive and his smoker!
We have also spent a lot of time on RSE and the children have contributed well to our lessons about “Keeping Myself Safe”. They really loved the stories and songs we listened to in order to reinforce the message that “Privates are Private” and that “Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept”.
Finally, Mrs Kettle is hoping the children will be able to perform a tune or two on their recorders to Indigo Class next week too! B, A and G notes! Very exciting!

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