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We had our fruit and milk sitting on our beach beside our lighthouse. We could hear the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach. It sounded lovely. We all like going to the beach to dig and rock pool and swim. We made the lighthouse out of plastic soap containers. We put the sea creatures on our beach and added water.

By Midnight Class

Sports day was fun we had lots of races. The running races at the end were great.
Our tower kept falling down. We did a race where we had to go fast on our feet and hands. We had a bat and ball but if we dropped it we could pick it up and run. Sports day is fun because you can run and jump. I threw bean bags into into hoops. I liked it. We did dribbling with a ball. I really like dribbling with balls. I loved doing the racing. I liked having a go at the football. I did a race. It was a running race I came number three. I liked kicking the balls around the cones. We had to line up with Reception at the front and Year 1s at the back. Sports day was fun. I nearly won. I am happy with myself.
By Midnight Class

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