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Another busy week in Royal class!

In science, we are learning all about states of matter. The three states of mater are solid, liquid and gas. So far we have learned about solids and liquids. An example of a solid is sand and an example of a liquid is pineapple juice. We know that the particles in a solid are tightly compressed which means that solids cannot move or change shape by themselves. The particles in a liquid are not as tight which means that they can move by themselves and they take the shape of the space that they are in. We did an experiment with liquids to see how quickly they would run down a tilted board. This meant that we could see how viscous the liquid was. The olive oil poured very quickly and the toothpaste hardly moved at all!

In maths, we have been learning about time and we have learned how to read 12 hour and 24 hour digital clocks and analogue clocks. For example, we have learned that 2:00pm is 14:00.

Miss Griffiths showed us how to make a t-shirt bag. It is simple to make. You need to cut the sleeves, cut a U shape and cut slits in the bottom which you knot together. This is because in English, we have been reading a book called ‘One plastic bag’ which tells the story of Isatou Ceesay and how she turned plastic bags into purses. She took something that was unwanted and reused it. We have also written our own TED talks about plastic pollution. We watched videos of other TED talks and of Greta Thunberg giving a speech at the UN Summit.

Miss Griffiths has had another great week with the class and is looking forward to sports day next week!

By Buddy and Theo

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