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This week in Sky Class, our experience has been one of a kind, as we’ve been learning about some incredible stuff! We have certainly learnt and enjoyed a lot this week, and had a great deal of fun whilst we’re at it.

For our morning exercise we have been learning the Lindy Hop with the other Y5/6 classes and we have been really enjoying it.On Wednesday morning we performed it to the Y3/4 classes.The Lindy Hop originated from America,the soldiers brought it here in 1938 and since then it has become very popular in the UK.Personally I am very proud of my achievement in learning this dance and I loved performing it.

In PE we have been preparing for sports day next week by doing trials for long jump,high jump,long distance,sprints and throwing.With sports day fast approaching we are working very hard to ensure we are all prepared.We have also been playing football rounders which is where instead of batting you kick a football – we all really enjoyed it.

In this week’s maths lesson, we have been revising our FDPs (fractions, decimals and percentages), and I’ll admit, it was a refresher I didn’t know I needed. We revised converting, adding & subtracting, matching, and much more! I think that everybody’s FDP knowledge is much better after our quick recap.

Our current English topic is Goodnight Mister Tom (by Michelle Magorian, published in 1981 – bit of an emotional rollercoaster), and our recent literacy exercises have included writing a heartfelt letter to the Social Services Centre to convince them to let Tom adopt William, and also a diary entry from the slightly traumatised brain of Will, explaining his encounter with Geoffrey Sanderton in Spooky Cott.

In ICT this week the Y6’s have become market researchers.We have been using google forms to collect information.  Most people did it asking about your devices and how long you spend on them,however some people did theirs on your pets as well.We have all really enjoyed this topic so far and we can’t wait to learn more about market research.

In History, our topic is WWII, so recently we have been researching women’s lives during the wartime and life on the home front. We discovered that women played a vital part in the war effort, working harder than women ever had in history, and the Allies certainly wouldn’t have triumphed without them. We also picked up that after centuries of sexism and injustice, the males of Britain finally opened their eyes to the world and recognized the undeniable strength that these women possessed.

In our French lessons, we have been learning how to express our opinions in clothes and food. For instance: ‘Oh la la, ce sandwich au thon est dégoûtant! (Oh dear, this tuna sandwich is disgusting!)

In art this week we have been learning about Henry Moore and the styles he painted.We painted a dog fight above St Paul’s Cathedral during the war and personally I am very proud with the results I got.Moore uses wax resist style painting and the effects are amazing.

In our SRE lessons we have been learning about the LGBTQIA+ community and homophobic bullying. We discovered that homophobic bullying impacts people who are, or who are suspected of being gay, lesbian or bisexual. We also found out that the Pride flag has a brilliant hidden meaning. Check this out to find out more:

Red: Life

Orange: Healing

Yellow: Sunlight

Green: Nature

Turquoise: Art

Blue: Serenity

Indigo: Harmony

Violet: Spirit

With our school play Star Warts just 3 weeks away we are all rehearsing madly and are very excited. We are really looking forward to performing our play, and watching all the children’s faces light up as we crack jokes, sing songs and have fun. Everyone loves their part, and we have moulded and shaped our parts to make them our own. The play has been stitched together nicely, and we are working very hard to get the rather random and exotic props and costumes sorted.

And last but maybe not least, our SRE (sex and relationships education) project has been… educational? We learnt all about the human life cycle, and how the human body prepares for growing up. It was slightly humiliating, but we all feel more comfortable on the subject now.

In conclusion, we have had a great deal of fun recently and we can’t wait to do projects like this again.

From Freya and Olivia, Year 6, Sky Class

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