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Y5/6 Rounders tournament

Today we had a Rounders tournament and Mr Tovey picked numerous people to participate in the tournament, it was located at Stratford court. The first team we went up against was Gastrels and unfortunately we lost to them. Despite our unfortunate loss we beat our next opponent: Bussage. Josh got a whopping three rounders in that game pushing us ahead.  As well Gastrels won their next game against Bisley, putting them in the winning position of our group. We had a three game break (lunch time) until our next game against Leonard Stanley. Usually they always beat us e.g. Football, Handball, Netball and Basketball. This time we gave them a piece of our minds by beating them by 1 whole Rounder (I know insane)!

Next up we played Bisley, who are usually one of the best when it comes to tournaments. We had a lot of anxiety building up to this game we put our best players up to the test and thank god our best players delivered. We were playing a pretty even game, and in the end it was a tie! And you know what that meant… each team picked two batters and so did the other team we picked Megan and Josh. The opponents batted first, the first one Toby (Josh’s friend) batted far to the left it bounced, Megan picked it up threw it to Torin and Torin lobbed it to Morgan, and Morgan stumped him out within seconds to spare. We were ecstatic we only had to get one Rounder in total to win the game! Josh stepped up ready to hit… and how ready he was… he smacked it far into the distance completing the Rounder we needed. We’d won the match and we were through to the Quarter finals!

In the quarter finals we were put up against Woodchester, and there was a big difference from our first game to our last we obliterated them by FOUR Rounders – our highest all tournament! Due to this we got Fourth place, the best Minchinhampton School has ever done in a Rounders tournament. But unfortunately Gastrells had won all their games so they were the team that went through to the semi-finals. But we were all really happy with fourth place.


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