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Sapphire’s report from the front line.

The week started on a really positive note. We had a cake sale in Y3/4 (held in the previous week) to raise money for endangered animals, especially ones affected by the plastic crisis and global warming issues our planet is facing. As a year group we raised £141! Sapphire class have decided to sponsor a polar bear. We can’t wait to get information about our animal and what our money has done to help them.
Our English lessons have been focusing on us finishing our persuasive letters. We are writing to supermarkets (both locally and their headquarters) to ask them to change their attitudes towards plastic packaging. We believe that in the 21st century, supermarkets should have a total ban on unnecessary plastic packaging. Why do they sell fresh fruit and vegetables in plastic bags when you can also buy them loose? Why do they have bakery departments that only use plastic wrapping for their rolls and baguettes when it is just as easy to use paper packaging? Did you know that if we do not do something to stop this plastic crisis soon, that there will be more plastic in our seas than fish by 2050? How awful is that? We really hope our letters make the bosses of each of the supermarket chains rethink their policies on plastic. We spent a morning editing and then typing up the letters ready to be posted off this week. We hope we receive responses over the next few weeks.
In Maths we have been looking at decimals, paying particular attention to money. We are now really confident converting between £ and p as well as totaling up shopping bills.
We have been working hard on making stencils in our Art lessons. This week we tried out our mock stencils to see what worked and what improvements we would need to make next time. Next term, we will be making protest posters against the use of plastic bags and packaging in the style of Banksy.
In RE we have been looking at the stories of Noah and then Abraham and Sarah. We needed to be able to explain what the word covenant meant and how the two stories linked. We liked how both stories were about following God’s word and making a pact/promise. We also designed symbols to represent a promise.
We are looking forward to half term so we can all have a rest after an extremely busy term. Happy holidays!

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