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Sky Class’s report from the front line
By Jack Williams

At the start of the week all of year 6 went to Viney Hill for 2 days – no nights due to coronavirus – and participated in a series of different activities like canoeing, abseiling, biking etc. I think the majority of people who went to Viney Hill found it quite enjoyable except for the horrendous weather! My personal favourite activity was canoeing even though Mr Ricketts kept splashing me! I also think abseiling was scary at first but then it got quite easy.

Our current Maths topic is statistics and we recorded data on a table containing different measurements of body parts depending on what you were recording. For example, my group was measuring how far you could throw depending on how long your arm is and we found out that if you had a longer arm you could usually throw longer. I had the longest arm (tied) of 66cm and I had the furthest throw (average) of 19.6cm. So I think we proved that a longer arm, which has more momentum, can throw further than a shorter arm.

In English we’ve been progressing on Goodnight Mister Tom and following along on the story of William Beech. The story in general has been a little bit sad but there have been some quite happy and heart-warming parts too. We’ve learned a lot about the individual characters of Thomas Oakley and Williams Beech and what’s been going on in their lives.
William’s life has had a very sad beginning but then he moves to the countryside where he meets a kind, caring Mr Tom who cares for him as well as he can. Tom has had a pretty sad back story because he lost his wife and son to a currently unknown cause, maybe illness.

In science we have been caring for butterflies and studying the reproductive systems. We also did it with potatoes and grew them in bottles also studying their reproductive systems. Potatoes are asexual which means they are genetic clones of one another and they don’t need female and male parts to reproduce. The new potatoes grow out of the tuba on the older potato and sprout and eventually grow into a new plant.

In morning exercise we have been playing a lot of ball tag. The way you play it is there is 1 person who can kick the ball and if they hit another person’s foot or feet then that person joins the taggers team. Eventually there will be 1 or 2 people left and everyone has to try to get the last people. We sometimes run around the running track then do some games but it’s nice to get outside early on in the day.

In History we have been learning about Neville Chamberlain and how he appeased Hitler by giving him the Sudetenland. We discussed whether Chamberlain’s actions were the right thing to do. We have also been looking at wartime artefacts and thinking how they could have been used!

In DT we’ve been making sock toys with Mrs Wilson for the “make do and mend” part of our war topic. It’s been a lot of fun!

We have been doing play practice for the 5/6 Production on a Wednesday after school and we are all so excited to perform in front of the school!

And finally in PE with Mr Tovey we have been playing a lot of basketball and I personally really like it. We have also been playing other mini games like “Cross the golden river” or “Zombie tag” at the start. Sometimes we do different sports like football or tag rugby but it is the season for basketball currently so we’ve been doing a lot of that. In the basketball lessons we sometimes do little skill games like cross the golden river with basketballs. I think everyone has not been enjoying PE as much these past few weeks because the weather, once again, has been HORRENDOUS!

By Jack Williams


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