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Report from the front line
Sapphire Class
Every morning we run around the running track to get our minds and bodies ready for the day ahead. We all aim to do at least 5 laps, with some of us managing 10!
Our week started off with us learning about decimal numbers in Maths. We were all pretty quick at using the equipment to make lots of different decimal numbers. Some of the challenges were pretty tricky though! We are able to count up and down in hundredths, but occasionally we forget to change the tenths column if we’ve not paid attention to the steps!. What are the next 3 steps in this sequence when counting up in hundredths? 1.96, 1.97, 1.98… – Can you continue it?
We are learning about Banksy in Art. We looked at loads of his graffiti that had an eco-message. He is really clever at using simple images to get a strong point across. We can’t wait to make our own stencils and posters.
Our Geography unit is focusing on the plastic pollution crisis. This week we started researching about the impact plastic has on animals and humans; we found out some quite scary facts. Did you know that there are nearly 51 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans? That is 51 trillion possible hazards for marine life. Some babies when born have been found to have microplastics in their body already! When plastic was first invented, the companies thought that they were doing a good thing as plastic was used to make things that had previously been made out of ivory.
In English we have been writing newspaper reports based on the book ‘The Promise’. We have become journalists reporting on the increasing crime rates in the city that is in the book. Writing a newspaper can be tricky as there are so many things to include. We loved being able to ‘interview’ witnesses and victims so we could include their thoughts on the story.
It has been our second week learning how to play the cornet. Mr M comes in every Thursday to teach us. Although some of us can play a musical instrument, playing the cornet can be tricky as you have to be able to blow into the mouthpiece correctly and it is not as easy as you think!
We’ve set up mini greenhouses to see how different herbs grow. One herb in particular sprouted really quickly. Can you see which one it is? We will be monitoring these greenhouses over the next few weeks to see the changes.

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