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It’s been a busy few days in Sapphire Class this week. We started the week with making and testing our Viking long ships. There were varied results, with some of them floating and sailing perfectly and others capsizing the minute they hit the water! We realised that if the weight of the mast, oars and shields were unevenly distributed, then our ships would not have much luck of staying up straight in the water. The successful ships in class had made sure that everything was balanced out and checked that the weight of the ship itself was light enough for the ship to glide through the water. 

We have enjoyed turning our stories into graphic novels. Some of us have never written this much in our lives! We have worked hard to make sure they are detailed enough in the writing and illustrations, just like Joe Todd-Stanton does in his work. 

We were asked to make pom poms for the Christmas tree in Minchinhampton so we worked as a class and made over 30 of them! We also made some to take home for our own tree. 

We are looking forward to the next few days; getting ready for the end of term and Christmas! 

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