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This week in Sapphire Class has been a busy one. 

We started the week learning our times tables using songs. 

Some of us were learning our 3x to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk while others started learning their 6x to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off. As the week has gone on we have become more confident using our times tables and we are looking forward to learning more. 

Maths songs links:

In English we have been looking at a graphic novel set in Iceland. We’ve made mini adverts to persuade people to visit the country; performed retells of old Norse tales; recreated the attack on the village in groups and started thinking about becoming journalists so we can write a newspaper about the wolf attack.

Our History unit on Vikings is going really well. We have now all chosen which area we want to become experts in. Some of us have chosen Viking Gods and the rest of us have decided to learn all we need to know about Yggdrasil. Did you know that the Vikings believed that there was a tree that connected our world (Midgard) to theirs (Asgard) as well as 7 other worlds. They also had a rainbow bridge called the Bifrost that allowed the Viking gods to travel between their world and ours. 

In Science we are working hard to become experts on shadows and light. We now know that light travels in straight lines and shadow sizes change depending on how far the light source is away from the object. We are hoping for a dry sunny day so we can experiment with shadows outside next week! 

In PE we are learning about the different types of passes you need to know about to play Netball. We have been practising how to do a proper chest pass in our groups and are now learning how to master the best bounce pass. At the end of this week we are going to start learning how to do a shoulder pass before we go on to play mini games.


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