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Martha’s Poetry Blog

‘I like the way that poetry gives you flow of happiness and lets you imagine things you have never imagined before.’

Mrs H

Mrs H has a spark of kindness in her eyes,

She cares about her two dogs and everybody around her,

Her hair is like a wave of gold flowing in the summer breeze,

Whenever the wind blows the love and carefulness glows,

She lifts up her heart for others,

She`s as generous as can be,

She`s a never-ending cave of never giving up,

She looks after others in need,


Laughter, laughter in her heart,

Beware, Beware,

She`s a burst of joy,

She gives a smile to everyone,

She loves twinkles,

She lives with sparkles,

She brings sparkles and twinkles everywhere.




A Velvet Flower

A velvet flower,

That swears not to deceive,

Begs you to come closer

To it`s beauty,

Of it’s flexible leaves,


Beware of the velvet flowers,

Will watch your every move,

With velvet flowers pleading to come closer.




A Loss of Hope 

The loss of hope, 

She sits like a statue in her hospital bed,

Slowly fading away from the world,

She was the love of my life,

A leap of faith of life outside,

Her childhood sparkled in the night sky,


A pothole blocking the chariot of fun,

Her heart is gone,

Her soul is up,


To make a new life, 

In a different shape of life,

Her kindness and love radiates out of her,

Guiding me to the right path to the right life,

To the right of life.




Covid 19





At home,

Nothing to do,

Thinking of others,

Being reminded of their lost loved ones,


Hiding in every corner they can find,

Scared of others,

Wondering when this is over,


Forgetting who they are.




To anyone,


Stuck at home,

Everything closed.





Always there for you,

They`ll do anything for you,

Even play stuff they don`t like playing,


They always know what you need,

Never give up,

Best friends,

Never split up,



Friends forever,

Just think,

They need you to,

They try their best to keep you happy,

Some funny, some weird,

But no-one`s more weird than friends of mine (or as funny!)




Our school

Cries of laughter…endless

Hopeful, calm, quiet, helpful

The sound of welcoming voices

Beckoning us inside,

Full of memories,

Teachers teaching…


Freshly grown plants taking in their first breath,

Green, healthy grass,

Trees whispering to one another,

Birds singing…


God is watching over us…







Pencils on paper,

Pens squirting out ink,

No-one having the care in the world to respect nature,

Just watch it starting to rot,

By our litter that we drop,

Watch us write, 

See sharks destroy the sea,

As the life cycle goes.

Tears glide down our face,

As we watch,

Whales pass out,

They float to the earth`s lip,

Never to be seen again,

Then watch us,


Not caring about it.




The Aztecs

The Aztecs were gory

The Aztecs were cruel

The Aztecs were peaceful until the Spanish came along 

They gave the Spanish gifts to make friends with Spain 

The king of Spain didn`t accept it all 

The Aztecs 

The Aztecs

 What did they do wrong?

The king came along to fight with weapons the Aztecs didn`t know

They banged

And they swooped

With swords and guns

The Aztecs

The Aztecs

Thought these were gifts until….

The Spanish warriors killed and attacked

So they copied all the same 

The Spanish got their leader to calm them down

But that didn`t work so they threw stones and pebbles at him.




The Magic Box

I shall put in the box,

A tear of the last dodo species,

The first swoop of an owl,

The first cheep of a new born owl,


I will put in the box,

The first screech of a child face to face with a spider,

The first tooth that tumbled out of a sharks mouth,

The squishy, stickiness of a toasted marshmallow stuck to my tongue,


I shall put in my box,

The last whisper of a dying soul,

A beautiful rainbow in a diamond necklace,


My box is fashioned with gold at the sides the part of a witches broomstick for hinges and diamonds for decoration


I shall surf in my box

I shall surf the highest waves

I shall cook and bake the best cakes in the world

I shall be a poet like all the others

I shall make friends in my box

And help them to make a magic box too.




The Shaman`s Poem

Scattered pictures, scattered pictures,

Are in danger,

Hidden in a waterfall,

A secret cave hidden there,

Six explorers,



A code unlocked,

Quest to be took,

Six hand prints that need to be found,

Before he finds them,

Cover with hands,

Once you seek them,



Danger saunters around the corner,

Danger in the shadows,

A shadow of bitterness,

A mystical shadow,



Beware, beware,



Danger is following you,



Danger is seeking you,


Horror awaits you!

Bitter Frost!

Bitter Frost!




I desire


I desire to be free from the world. But instead I went to Cornwall, Trevone and Padstow.


I wish I could dive into the sea without warning not to go too far.

But I couldn`t, instead I floated on my body board, body boarding not too far from shore.


I imagined I was fighting a lion without any weapons.

But my mum thought it would be too dangerous.


I hoped that it snowed in the holidays.

But it didn`t.


But let me tell you something : 

Watch me crumple this poem written in this book and chuck it over to the other side of the classroom. And thus my crumpled poem would be picked up and put in the bin, and say that I myself re-cycled it.




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