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What a week in Royal class!

We have started learning all about light. This week, we went outside and found out how shadows are made. We tried making our shadows spell out words by using our bodies to create shapes. We also learned how light travels in straight lines and that we can’t see when there is no light. We found this out when we looked inside a cardboard box and couldn’t see the objects inside. 

We are also becoming performance poets! Some of us have continued writing our own poetry and a few of us are entering into a poetry competition. We have been learning some poems off by heart and thinking of creative ways to perform them. 

In Royal class, we have started finding out about the Vikings – we even have our very own Viking names! We have started looking at Viking ships and some of us have been very creative at home and have built some  that we have been sharing with our class. We made sure to include the scary dragon on the front, the oars and the sail. We were surprised to discover that they used to fill the holes with animal fur to help keep the water out!

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