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In Cyan, we’ve been busy working out how to keep Ms McCarron and Mrs Dawk’s cups of tea warm. We had to design an experiment remembering to make it a fair test -which variable would we keep the same- and learning how to draw an annotated scientific diagram. 

We are also poets in the making! We’ve included a few below which we wrote but we have also had an amazing time performing our poetry. It is amazing how a poem on the page comes alive when you perform it! We are going in for a poetry performance competition which we will film and share with you when it is ready. The competition deadline is 2oth November so watch this space. We’ll let you know how we get on.

We are also History detectives and are currently working on a History enquiry which includes the questions ‘How violent were the Vikings?’ and ‘What were the Vikings like at home?’. We’ve been really surprised to find out that they were actually farmers!

Finally! We are having fun with Barvember! We’re tweeting some of our entries. You can check out Barvember here if you would like to have a go at it at home.  and #Barvember on Twitter.

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