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Sapphire Class:

This week started with an introduction to our RE unit. We are looking at Hinduism and what Hindus believe about their god. 

We were shocked to find out that they have more than one god. Their main god is Brahman, but he is represented by three other gods known as the Trimurti. We all knew that the prefix ‘Tri’ means 3 of something, but we didn’t know what murti meant. We soon discovered it meant image, so Trimurti means three images. 

We also looked at the story of Rama and Sita, which is one of their important stories in Hinduism. There are lots of themes in this story – love, good vs evil, jealousy, forgiveness and many more. We came up with symbols to represent these themes – see our photos attached. 

We were also able to make links between Hinduism and other religions, noticing similarities like the use of 3, symbols to represent their religions, use of a special book and a few more. Some of also noticed similar imagery from Hindusim being used in our Journey book series – lanterns, temples and statues of gods. 


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