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Here is what Turquoise class have been doing over the past few weeks in our learning:



In science we have been doing forces . In forces we’ve investigated gravity, air resistance and water resistance and simple machines (levers, cogs and pulleys).  In air resistance we have learned that thin objects or pointy objects go through the air quicker than square-shaped or fat objects. In water resistance we have been learning thinner objects swim through water quicker. Did you know that swordfish are able to go through water quicker.  In simple machines we have learnt about the driver gear and follower gear and how pulleys reduce the force needed to lift something.


In English class we have been learning about Shackleton s Journey and how they put up with extreme conditions.  We have been given a role on the ship eg. Able seaman, cook etc.  We have been writing persuasive letters and ships logs.


In maths we have been doing coordinates. For example we have been drawing coordinates grids, translations and vectors.


In R.E we have learning about WWJD (what would Jesus do?): the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes.  We made collages reflecting what Jesus would spend if he had lots of money. 


In art we have been doing landscape paintings.  To start off with we did one in the class off a photograph.  Then we went to a place called Bubblewell and then painted the landscape in person. Our paintings can be found in a online art gallery which you can view here: The Turquoise Gallery


In P.E we have been doing Just Dance, chaos tag, tigger, cross the golden river etc.


In French we have been learning about french numbers and making silly sentences in french about things people do, like Jè Mange là radio 

Blog written by,

Arthur Iles

Cora Pollard- Smith

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