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On Wednesday 11th December 2019, the schools P4C club hosted an evening, packed full with questions, answers and more questions. The P4C club attended the evening, with their parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and all other relatives, as well as some interested others taking a break from Christmas preparations! We had more than enough P4C’ers to make a great debate. First we did some warm ups- (the adults sat and watched to get the idea)- the warm ups included ‘Fruit Salad’, where you move around to sit next to someone new; ‘The Clapping Game,’ where you clap each other’s hands; and finally ‘Statues’- which is our best team-building exercise.

After this we got onto the stimulus- this particular stimulus was ‘The growl and the pussy cat’ which shows a kitten looking into the mirror and the reflection is a brave, bold and mighty lion. We let out our ‘bursting’ thoughts by choosing a word for each letter of the alphabet, and then voted on which word to discuss. The winner was ‘courage.’ We each came up with an amazing selection of questions to debate on, and we debated ‘solidly’- using the ‘4 C’s’– Caring, Collaborative, Creative and Critical. Children and adults alike worked side by side to answer an unanswerable question. I don’t think anybody left that room, after an hour of debating at 7pm at night, thinking ‘I wish I’d been somewhere else’–

At the end we did a ‘Cool off-the number’ game. All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening. None of any of it would have happened if it wasn’t for our P4C leader, Mrs Aldridge. She was the one that made it as brilliant as it was. It was very brilliant! None of it would have happened without her. It was an amazing evening and everybody who didn’t come, definitely missed out!

By Lyra

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