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Our lovely year 6 pupils have sent news of their first day at Viney Hill.

To our dear parents,

We are writing to inform you about a serious accident on one of our recent hikes.

When we started the walk, we were immediately hit with the sensation of danger. Walking across the road, suddenly a black hog-like silhouette came swooping out of the undergrowth, snatching up children as it came—it was truly horrible as they fell into its gnashing jaws.

Later we found remains of torn up coats, bobble hats and gloves. It was a pitiful moment. We mourned terribly for our long-lost comrades. We are awfully sorry for your loss and desperately hope you don’t make us fill out any ghastly forms. Anyway do try not to worry yourselves unduly. We promise to try not to lose any more. Have a wonderful day!

Other news just in:- everyone is soaking wet; there has been  an invasion of crane flies; a boy and a girl lost their shoes in the mud; lots of children have been seen hugging trees; several tents have floated away; we ‘bush camped’ up a hill; Bump turned into a Drop Bear; we have discovered our teachers are scoundrels and liars.

Kind regards

The remaining children

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