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Year 3/4 Trip to Box Woods

On Tuesday 10th September, the whole of Year 3/4 went to Box Woods. When we got there, the teachers introduced our new English topic, ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, to us all. They thought this would be a motivating experience.

Firstly the teachers re-enacted the story with dolls of the characters- a stunning performance (kind of). They took it in turns to act out the parts.

Next, the teachers let all of the children go off into the woods to collect words for their writing. We worked in groups with an adult. Some children just wanted to run off into the woods so we came up with a rule that you had to stay in sight of the group’s circle of bags and coats. Each time we went into the woods, we collected more words. Then we shared them aloud and went off again to find some more. The words just came to us as we explored.

The experience was way better than just being in the classroom. You can’t get the smell and the atmosphere from just sitting in class. The world is all around you when you are in the woods whereas in the classroom you have to recreate the world, for example with a computer.

It was an inspiring morning and all 90 children made it back alive!

By Jenny

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