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Murderous Maths Week 2-6 November. For more information click here

Maths Passports

At Minchinhampton all of the children are given a maths passport. Below are guides to each passport.

Maths Passport – information for parents

The following Mathematics websites are free to access and offer lots of online games and resources to support your child\'s learning at home.


If you would like to play games without using a computer and with no need for complicated resources we’ve included some below. Most of these simple games can be played with a 100 square, digit cards and a dice.

Count em\'

Resources: A box of objects to count

Players take it in turns to grab a handful of objects from the box, count them and record the number. The aim of the game is to get each number from 10-20.

More or Less

Resources: 1-100 square with random numbers shaded in 2 colours, dice and counters

Players take it in turns to throw the dice and move their counter. Land on blue- move on 1, land on red- move back 1. This can be adapted as appropriate to move on/back 10 and by starting on 100 and counting back.


Resources: flashcards 1-10, 1-100, decimals

Show the children a number, they respond with the compliment to 10/20/1.

Biggest wins

Resources: dice

Players throw the dice and choose whether to use the digit as a tens or ones in a two digit number. They throw the dice again to generate the other digit. Players cannot change the digit once written. When both players have made a two digit number, the biggest number wins and scores a point. First to 10 points wins. This can be adapted to incorporate bigger numbers.

Tens and ones

Resources: Dice, 1-100 grid and counters

Players take it in turns to throw 2 dice and make a 2 digit number. Cover it on the grid and the first to get three in a row wins.


If you would like to update your experience of maths skills then these guides may help you.  We have also made a collection of Bare Necessities games.

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