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Handwriting at Minchinhampton


At Minchinhampton School, we think it is important to teach cursive handwriting from the start. We teach a fully cursive script, based on an approach championed by a local educator, Julie Palmer, in her book, The Write Path. This scheme involves joining all letters and all letters start from the same place on the line. This helps with letter formation and orientation especially for those who find spatial awareness tricky. We teach lead ins and lead outs to children when they start to write in the Foundation Stage which then enables children to progress quickly to a cursive script. As with all handwriting, it is important to teach correct posture and grip alongside the scheme, if it is to be successful.

Correct pencil grip

Pencil Grip & Drawing Skills Fact Sheet Re pinned by 7 Senses Therapy

This is how we form our letters.

cursive letters - tracing-page-001

For further help, including how to form letters, exercises to help strengthen muscles for writing, and other useful advice check out the following website


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