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Visitors from our community – Yr 5/6

A visitor in Yr 5/6 Written by Poppy and Harriet Last Friday, Lucy Beresford came in to talk to all of y5/6 about her job at SLG Brands. They make new brands of beauty/ self products but most importantly they use 100% recycled plastic. She has been working there for...

Royal class Yr 3 and 4

Royal class are having a great term! We’ve learned lots of new things and had a load of fun doing it! In Maths so far, we have been doing mental subtraction. Now we are doing our times tables! The ones we have done are the threes, fours, sixes, sevens, eights and...

Reception build bridges

Reception has been developing their teamwork and collaboration skills by completing the 'bridge building' challenge! Each team had to work together to try and build the tallest bridge which was strong enough to balance a little bear along the top. It was so lovely to...

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