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Disco dancing in Aqua!

Although we only had three days in class this week, we managed to fill them up with lots of exciting activities. Along with Maths and starting our new unit 'Anna Hibiscus Song' in Literacy, we had fun doing some artwork. We all painted beautiful pictures of our...

Ye Ha! say Cyan

Cyan class has been working very hard on the play Ye Ha,every Friday. Instead of doing P.E we dance in class for the play.Every Thursday year 4 would practice after school in the hall.At the start it wasn’t looking so good but now it is forming together and filling in...

Turquoise get creative

In DT we made wooden bird boxes from a kit using wood, nails and glue.  Then we designed our own bird box for different birds (ours was for a robin).  We then made prototypes out of spar wood and wood glue.  It was fun but a bit tricky.  Sawing the wood was not easy...

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