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We want our pupils to enjoy their education; to be inspired by the curriculum and by teaching of the highest quality. We want them to feel successful; to discover and develop their various talents and the skills necessary to reach their own unique potential.

Minchinhampton Church of England Primary Academy works under the umbrella of the Diocese of Gloucester Academy Trust. The school’s Governors, staff, parents, PTA and pupils have worked hard to make the school a most successful, secure and happy place for our children.

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Holidays in term time

Holidays: Term 1  This term, 8 families have taken holidays during term time. Between them, 9 children missed 47 days of school- that is more than a whole half term between them! 9 weeks also equates to approximately 188 lessons. Every time a child comes back having...

Year 3/4 Football Tournament

Year 3/4 Football Tournament On the 10th of October 2019  some Year 3’s and Year 4’s went to a friendly football tournament at Painswick RFC. All the teams were outstanding and our main rivals were Kings Stanley. After kick off in the first match, everything was going...

Football Tournament for Year 5/6

Football  Tournament  Year 5/6 On the 10 October 2019 the Year 5/6 decided to head off to a football  tournament at Painswick RFC. We got there quite early so we decided to have a kick about. When all the teams arrived they told everyone about the rules:- you were not...

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