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This week was the inaugural meeting of the Trust’s Youth Parliament. We want to bring together children from across the county, from all DGAT schools, and what better way to do this than with a Youth Parliament. The Parliament will meet termly and will experience a mix of Philosophy for Children and debating. On each occasion we will endeavour to bring along an ‘influential’ adult to help drive debate and discussion- this time round Dale Vince was the lucky adult. ‘Debating in the Youth Parliament at Gloucestershire Cathedral was an amazing experience. We debated about whether it would be best to have 5 sisters or 5 brothers, and whether kids should help the adults in the climate crisis. Dale Vince the founder of Forest Green and Ecotricity came to talk about his hard work and debate with us. He told us that he makes diamonds out of carbon dioxide and he’s working on an electric train and planes run on hydrogen. All the schools came up with ideas to make their school greener in many different ways.’ By Sophie


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