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Write a Poem for Pied Piper.

We are excited to invite children to write a poem about CARS with an opportunity to recite their poem at the Cars, Trucks & Gardens Show in aid of Pied Piper on June 12th at Highnam Court.

Everyone that writes a poem will receive a certificate to say they WROTE a poem for Pied Piper and will also receive a sticker.

All those that opt to recite their poem in the backdrop of Highnam Court on June 12th will receive a certificate to say they WROTE & RECITED their Pied Piper Poem at Highnam Court & also receive a sticker.

All children are admitted into the Car show free of charge. All adults including those supporting the child reciting their poem, will pay the admittance charge of £10 per adult.

The age ranges will be

  • Up to 5 years
  • 6 to 12 years
  • 13- 17 years


Please send your poem by email or hand written to or send to Pied Piper Office, Glos Royal Hospital, Great Western Road, Gloucester.

Any enquiries please email or call 0300 422 6119.

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