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Year ⅚ Sustainability of fashion

‘We are planning a cat walk and fashion show to highlight the importance of sustainable fashion. Right now we are creating books out of recycled materials, including old, disused folders and decorated with left over cuttings from our clothes manufacture. The books contain letters from clothes and shoes to a character of our choice, persuading them to treat clothes better, telling them all about the dangers of fast fashion and stating that they are quitting in protest at our throw away culture. The letters include important facts about fast fashion. 

We have learnt a lot. We have been shocked by some of the facts- like big lakes draining away because of all the water used to make jeans. We feel we have learnt facts that are useful to us- a lot of good geographical knowledge – but also facts that might inspire us to change the way we live which in turn might help to change the world a little.’







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