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Year ¾ Disgusting Digestion

‘We have been learning about digestion but we didn’t just write notes off the board. Instead we actually created our own digestion system with tights, cups and a plate to catch ‘it’ on- as in ‘it’ being the faeces. We put through our system:- mushed-up banana, orange juice and crackers. Agatha was absolutely disgusted. Elmer on the other hand loved it and thought it was the best subject ever. We made up  an acronym for the system– MOSI (ha ha) to remind us of the order. This stands for:- Mouth…Oesophagus…Stomach…Intestine. 

We like learning this way- the more gruesome the better- because you end up understanding it better because you can actually see it; because you have an exciting memory of it. It’s a lot more fun that looking at a text book for an hour!  – Elmer and Agatha

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