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In November 2020 pupils across the school were furiously practicing, learning their lines and getting ready to record their poetry performances for the National CLiPPA Poetry Shadowing Competition.  We were thrilled when they announced that one of the Cyan class groups had won with a poem selected from Cherry Moon by Zaro Weil.

This is the moment they found out:

… and were delighted to see a personal message from Zaro Weil and her dog Spot….

Hello my name is Zaro Weil and this is my dog Spot.  And we just wanted to say a HUGE congratulations to Minchinhampton Academy on their shadowing scheme and their winning performance of the poem ‘Snoring Dog’ which Spot really loved.  He’s just told me how much he loved it and I did too and I want to thank the performers and the academy, you did a great job. Thank you so much, we loved it and Bravo! Yay!

Here is their winning performance of ‘Snoring Dog’ from Cherry Moon by Zaro Weil

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