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Curriculum Exemplar 


RE through art                                           October 2020

Religious education involves exploring theological and philosophical lenses on the world and one of the ways to express this is in art supported by discussion.  In this way, children are able to link the foundations in the sacred texts to lived experience and draw upon metaphorical expression.  This can help reflect the use of parables and stories in those texts and their meaning in contemporary life.  It is encouraging to see the variety of interpretations offered by the children and their lively discussions of how these pictures related to ‘What Would Jesus Do?’, as it demonstrated their active engagement with the thinking and values set out in the Bible and the variety of their ramifications for us.

‘We find it’s easier in some ways to express our feelings through colour and images than through writing. With writing you are limited to words but with art you are more free to express yourself.’

‘We created a rainbow to express all the colours of the things God made and God’s covenant that he wouldn’t flood the world again. The yellow stripe was bigger and had written on it good foundations for living for humankind.’ -Daisy

‘Ours had crosses on the hills because we thought hills were a good foundation (in that the ground on a hill is probably stronger than lower down) and the water below represented the washing away of people’s sins (the crosses of course also represented that). The sun beaming down on the world represented Jesus’s love. We also did a pale blue sky to represent hope.’ Ella

‘I don’t think we would have come up with all of that just using words. Some of it we decided after we’d created the artwork but that’s OK- it’s all about the thinking in the end. We went deeper as we went along- it was creative.’ Daisy & Ella

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