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This week I have enjoyed reading the poem ‘Rooms’ by John Agard. I liked that we could create our own rooms when we wrote our poem. We performed our poems to the class and I loved hearing what everybody else had done. Lots of us have been writing new poems in our magpie books that we have shared with the class. I also enjoyed P.E. We did chaos tag where everyone was it. If we were tagged then we had to sit down until the person that tagged you gets tagged. This week in history we learned about Vikings. We were defenceless monks or farmers, living on Lindisfarne, against an army of Vikings. It was really fun! Every Tuesday we have music and we are learning how to play the cornet. You have to ‘flick the tip of the tongue behind the top of the teeth’ and blow really hard.  It is really loud when everybody is playing. I think they must be able to hear us all the way through the school! In science, we have been trying to find a way to keep Miss Griffiths’ cup of tea warm. Next week, my group is going to add different materials around the outside of the cups to see which one keeps the water the warmest for the longest.


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