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What a variety of activities in Cobalt this week!



Yesterday we did map trails.  I was with Torin.  The key to our trail being successful was that we worked together.  We negotiated when we had different ideas.  Our trail led children across the field, following a map to find cats.  Each cat had a mathematical clue to solve a problem at the end.  We also enjoyed completing other children’s trials and did one based on Harry Potter books and another where we had to find hidden letters to make a word. Toby

We have really been enjoying writing our letter of application to be a crew member on Shackleton’s Journey.  We both enjoy writing in character and showing the character’s enthusiasm when writing from their perspective.  Isaac is Alexander Kerr, 2nd Engineer and Sachin is Henry McNeish the ship’s carpenter.  Isaac & Sachin

Sketching parts of the school grounds was challenging.  I chose to sketch a tree near the pond.  It was very tricky to get the leaves correct.  I was pleased with the shape of my tree trunk.  Martha

In science we moulded lumps of clay into different shapes to see which one would fall the fastest.  We found out that if you made a donut shape it would fall really fast because there was a hole in it.  However, the fastest shape across the whole class was a long, thin sausage shape.  The slowest was shaped like a flat pancake.  Dolly

Yesterday I did road safety in Bikeability.  We did right and left turns in and out of the minor roads.  We also learnt the ABCD bike check (Air, Brakes, Chain & Direction).  We were given jobs such as observation, position, communication and signal.  For observation we had to see what the instructor was doing such as looking behind or getting into position.  I feel safe to go out onto the road and much more confident than I was. Torin

In PSHE we have been talking about friendships.  We wrote a recipe for friendship cakes and cookies.  We put qualities of a good friend into the cake.  At the end we shared our favourite lines to make a class recipe that you can read below.  Zac

Recipe for friendship cake

By Cobalt Class

A dollop of devotion

12 jugs full of belief

A memory of magic

A teaspoon of compromise

A handful of jolly good times

A vat bubbling with value

A cup overflowing with care

A bag bursting with joy

A bar of never-ending support

A truckload of understanding

A tiny pinch of bickering

A bottle brimming with forgiveness

A lorry load of worthiness

A vault of crammed with zeal

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