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Poems based on ‘On the Run From Colours’ by John Agard

Black scared me in my sleep.

Grey hypnotised me, taking over my mind.

Blue swallowed me whole and wouldn’t let go.

Black chased me into a broken home.

Grey tricked me, leading me into trouble.

Blue smashed down onto me, not letting me up.

Green cackled at my mistakes and troubles.

Green poisoned others against me.

Yellow blinded me, stopping me in my tracks. 

Yellow scared me into shock. 

By Andre Y3


Black caught me in my sleep.

Black gifted me my worst nightmare.

Black surrounded me with nothingness.

White haunted me in the day.

White trapped me in the clouds.

White held me down. 

Blue flooded me.

Blue dropped me from the sky. 

By Chloe Y3


Black led me towards strands of danger.

Black greeted me with sounds of darkness.

White surrounded me with clouds of mist.

White trapped me within panes of glass.

Green led me to the unknown wood.

Green smacked me with my taken thoughts.

Yellow blinded me with the sharp sun.

Yellow burnt me with scorching water.

Blue flooded my future.

Blue led me to an abandoned pool…

to be lost…

By Tilly Y4


Grey trapped me, leaving me in the woods.

Black trapped me in my sleep.

Black chased me into the unknown.

Blue smashed sadness onto me.

Blue imprisoned my mind.

Grey confused my day. 

Grey hypnotised me, taking over me mind.

Green filled me with jealousy. 

By Cameron Y3


Blue swallowed me whole and wouldn’t let go. 

Blue smashed sadness into me.

Black chased me into the woods.

Black trapped me forever in my sleep.

Grey confused my day.

Grey tricked me and left me lost in the woods.

Yellow ran after us all.

Yellow sucked me into the ground.

White gave mysteries to me.

White pushed me deep into the fog. 

By Corey Y3


Black hit me with broken souls and hid me within its shadows.

Black surrounded me with rings of smoke; I am lost and broken. 

Grey trapped me in a cage, leaving me to hear footsteps heading my way. 

Grey strangled me with thick air; making me tight and small.

Blue drowned me with tears.

Green tangled me up in thorns and branches; he said he was jealous!

By Jessica Y4

ADDER by Milo

A hump of rope lying on the lawn
or is it a rope I go
up to it, it
it bites me!

Deep pain flushes through through
my veins, I can’t stop the
pain, I can’t kill the pain
it just won’t go away.

Deeper and deeper the pain goes
until … smack crash
bam I collapse on the
blade sharp grass.

Even the squirrels scuttle away,
the astonishing adder
es away

Radishes my son my son call an ambulance!

by Milo (Year 4)

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