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by Lyra (Year 6) and Amelie (Year 5)

This week for music we have been doing a fun thing on a website called You can make really fun songs and Sam did a song for his learning journal and it inspired us to do our own.  It was really fun and we enjoyed it.  Here is a link to one Ben Atkins did at home.

In English we have been looking at portmanteau /suitcase words that Lewis Carroll created and we have invented some crazy words of our own.  We also started to look at a book called ‘Shackleton’s Journey’.

In maths some people have been learning about multiples, factors and prime numbers; some of the year 6s have been working on written methods of multiplication and division instead.

For the last few weeks in SPaG we have looked at adjectives, verbs and nouns.  Adjectives describe nouns, verbs are doing words and nouns are something that you can see, hear or feel.  This week we looked at adverbs – they describe verbs.

For DT we have made cardboard looms and woven mini flying carpets – see photos below. They are now flying around our room!

For geography we were orienteering then we tried to take a bearing – it was very hard so we’re going to practise some more.



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