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Class News Week 3

News from Turquoise by Viola and Mimi

We read a picture book with no words called ‘Journey’ and we made our own Journey story stop motion animations.  It was difficult to make all the little parts but it was fun and we got better at it.  Now, we are making our own magic flying carpets  (in Journey the girl draws a flying carpet and escapes on it).  We made our own looms and warps out of cardboard and string. It started out fiddly but now it’s quite relaxing.  Hopefully they’ll fly around our classroom…

News from Sky by Mia

On Tuesday this week Sky class were lucky enough to have a library session with Mrs Webb, who kindly set up a mobile bookshelf to share with us! Mrs Webb told us a lot about some of the books in our school library, like poetry books, picture books  and also a book that you could make up your own stories with. One of the books Mrs Webb showed us was ‘The Spider and the Fly.’ She talked to us about how the black and white illustrations helped with the spooky feeling of the poem, as well as the fly wallpaper and the furniture made out of dead flies! We also looked at the books ‘No Ballet Shoes for Syria,’ ‘Hate That Cat,’ ‘Granny Torrelli Makes Soup,’ ‘Wikd Boy,’  ‘Wonder,’ ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class,’ ‘Twelve Minutes to Midnight,’ ‘The Umbrella Mouse’ and much more.

The genres we looked at included magic, adventure, humour, poetry and many more. Lots of people at the end of the session borrowed some books. 

News from Cobalt by Dolly 

We have come back to Cobalt and have settled really well. We like being in the portakabin.

In English, we are looking at ‘The Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll. We have been looking at portmanteau words (frabjous) that he puts in and the nonsense words he has invented (outgrabe) It has been very silly but so interesting. I would rate it 5 stars!

In Science we have been investigating forces (so far gravity and friction). We asked questions like ‘why doesn’t the flag fly on the moon?’ and ‘why do astronauts bounce when they walk on the moon?’ We did a crater experiment using flour and weights. Science is super fun – I wish there was more of it. 

We have been working on place value in Maths. We listened to some totally cringy songs and even had a go at writing our own place value rap! We always do a ten-minute maths warm up at the start of the day too.

Our day has included lots of games, exercise and plenty of reading too. We are really enjoying our class book – The Nowhere Emporium. A great start back at school.

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