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Choir at Cecily Court

On Monday 9th December 2019 our KS2 choir went to Cecily Court across the road to sing to the residents who live there with Mr Weinberger, Miss Crowther and Mrs Overthrow. We sang lots of different songs, including ‘Candlelight Silent Night’ and ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas.’ Once we finished our concert, we went around chatting to the residents and wishing them a merry Christmas.

It was a good experience all around- the choir got to know some of the locals and sing some festive songs, and the residents of Cecily Court got to get to know us and listen to our singing.

Everyone was very friendly and seemed to enjoy our concert, and they also provided drinks and snacks! It was uplifting, festive, exciting and fun- the 4 essentials when this time of year rolls around. Everyone enjoyed it, especially the Cecily court residents.

By Lyra

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