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Ocarinas and Shakers

9th December-12th December 2019

In Year 5/6, hands got to work moulding, shaping and rolling thick lumps of clay; minds got creative over a ball of clay. We were making Aztec instruments; shakers decorated in beautiful Aztec themed patterns. Amazing shapes appeared out of people’s minds, each one having a different form to them. Our shakers were  made of clay on the outside and inside split peas made a lovely sound. It’s amazing what these minds of ours come up with. Ocarinas (like a whistle) are made using the same method at the start but extends into a much trickier method than the shaker. A bowl like shape and a separate flat base were scored along the edge of each component and then we stuck them together. We then added a mouth-piece to breathe into. We did this by sticking a lolly-pop stick into it to make an entrance for the air. An extra  hole is made near the mouth piece to let the air out.

We had a really good time


By Isaac

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