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The Swimming Gala 2019:

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 entered the 2019 swimming gala at Stratford Park. We first tried out for the trials to see who were the fastest; the people that got through went on to the gala. The options were breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl and there were also relays.

For the individual girls’ swimming gala, Lyra Moriaty swam breaststroke for the team, along with backstroke and front crawl, alongside Alice Stevens and Ilyana Potten. For the individual boys’ breaststroke, there was Oliver Wilson and for backstroke and front crawl, we had Isaac Hewer and Morgan Dodd. For the girls’ relay, Lucy Parker–Owen swam backstroke; for breaststroke Olivia Dodd swam and Beatrice Draper swam front crawl, as a reserve for Chloe Sim. For the boys’ relay Fergus Crow swam backstroke, Alex Xu swam breaststroke and for front crawl, we had Gabriel Dowie.

What Beatrice Draper thought:

‘I enjoyed the excitement of watching my team mates and cheering them on. When I was swimming, I felt nervous about what place I would come and if I would do well for the team but I felt great at the end because the team did so well.’

The team came second overall and were presented with an enormous cup. We were very proud of ourselves.

By Ilyana and Alice


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