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Visit to SLG

At SLG we did lots of awesome stuff.

To get chosen for SLG, you had to have the winning poster and bottle design. The reason why we did this is because Year 5/6 had their science week. We were given a challenge by three scientists from SLG in Cheltenham. Their challenge to us was to create a sunscreen bottle which included no plastic. After that we had to create a ‘4 R poster’ : If you looked online, then you will find out what they all are.

For the challenge we had to design a bottle. We didn’t just have to design a bottle, we also had to make posters all about the evil plastic. We had a whole week to do that. When it was Friday we had a science expedition and we had to show of all our work. There was a winning team for each Year 5/6 class. Now to tell you all about SLG.

The first thing we did was show all of our posters and designs to the people that gave us the challenge. After that we listened to other people talk about what happens there and what they have to do for their job. We then had a tour around the whole place.

Here are some people that went to SLG and what they thought about it:

Amy said, ‘My favourite thing that I did was when we went to look at the lab and we saw things being tested and how they tested them. I found it really fun and interesting.’

Theo said, ‘I liked getting to see all the different jobs and seeing how they work out how to make the things, also them being able to see the bottles that we made.’

Sophie said, ‘I loved being able to see it. I liked seeing the science lab the best. In the lab there was a machine and it was making sure that the bottles wouldn’t get damaged and I thought that was cool.’

Austin said, ‘I thought it was great. My favourite thing was seeing the lab. If I worked there, I would want to be one of the scientists.’

Beth said, ‘I loved going to SLG because I loved seeing all the different labs and how science works. I really liked it when we showed our bottle design to the scientists.’

So that is what all the children thought about the brilliant SLG. I hope that everyone else who went thought the same thing. Hopefully there could be some other chances to go there.

Thank you for reading my report

By Amber   


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