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Stroud Book Festival

On the 7th November 2019, some of KS2 went to Stroud Book Festival. First we saw Onjali Q. Rauf who talked about refugees. She is the author of two amazing books called, ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ and ‘The Star outside My Window’. The on-going war in Syria has gone on for 9.5 years which is 9.5 years too long. Millions of refugees are forced to leave their homes and flee their country to get to safety. A global law made in 1953 says that anyone forced to leave their home, because there is danger or war, should be welcomed into any country. But that law has been broken. All around the world, people are forced to live in camps without fresh water, food or heat. Sometimes without warning, police come to intimidate the refugees. They burn the refugees shelter, belongings, money and the refugees are forced to move again. The book ‘The Boy At The Back of my Class’ is dedicated to Raehan.                                     —  By Lyra

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