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Year 3/4 Football Tournament

On the 10th of October 2019  some Year 3’s and Year 4’s went to a friendly football tournament at Painswick RFC. All the teams were outstanding and our main rivals were Kings Stanley.

After kick off in the first match, everything was going smoothly at first. The centre was taken and Alex passed to Ted. Making a run down the line, Ted walloped it to me and I ‘hammed’ it into the back of the net. It continued to go well for us and the final score was 2-0 to Minch.

In the next match we did  ‘rock –paper- scissors’  to see who went first and the other team won, so they kicked off.  They did a great pass and they dribbled down the line and shot and Seb saved it, threw it to Torin, who passed it to Oliver and he shot and scored. The final score was 1-0 to Minch.

Now we were in the knockout stages. The teams were Minch against Stroud and we got to start. I took the centre, passed it to Alfred; then he passed it to Torin, who dribbled down the line. Our ‘parent coach,’ Mr Dickson, showed Alfred the substitute sign and ‘subbed’ him for Jonah. Showing determination on our faces, we kept on playing well. Finally the match ended: the score was 1-0 to Minch.

That meant that we were in the semi-finals against Gastrells .Instead of Seb in goal, now Torin was . We got to start this time .Ted passed it to Jonah and he dribbled it down near the corner. Seb was making an outstanding run down the wing; Jonah crossed it in and Seb brought the house down with a tremendous goal. The final score was 1-0 to Minch

Everyone’s hearts beat so swiftly we couldn’t even hear ourselves think. The final was Minch against Leonard Stanley. They got to start. Their wing did a cracking pass to one of their players and dribbled it down the wing but luckily we managed to tackle them. Then Alex got the ball and passed it to Seb. He crossed it into the box but Alfie’s shot was saved. The ball came out from the keeper’s hands and Alex controlled it, shot and scored. We won it 2-1 in the end.

That meant we had won the whole thing.

By Holly




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