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Football  Tournament  Year 5/6

On the 10 October 2019 the Year 5/6 decided to head off to a football  tournament at Painswick RFC. We got there quite early so we decided to have a kick about. When all the teams arrived they told everyone about the rules:- you were not allowed to argue with the referee; any wall for free kicks would have to be 5 yards back.

When we kicked off, everything was going well. We were getting shots on goal; however they were not ending up in the back of the net . Then Sam Brown made a fantastic dribble and played in Tom Clark, who smashed it  into the back of the net, putting us one nil up. The opposition were pressing hard. We did not give up and kept on fighting for the ball. Then all of a sudden our left winger, Ryan Adams, pulled his hamstring and couldn’t play on. He needed to be subbed- he came off and Agastyan Sivanesan came on.  The opposition had just got a shot on goal: luckily for Minch, our goalkeeper  George Thompson, managed to catch the lethal strike. He decided to ‘play it easy’ to Riley Spill, who played a long ball to the substitute, Agastyan Sivanesan, who played it to Sam Brown, who played it back into Agastyan, who went for goal and put it in the back of the net. The final score was 2-0.

Minchinhampton ended up winning the next two games , 6-0 and 3-1. All the players played a big part in the game which led to them going all the way to the FINALS! In the finals the score ended as 1-1

IT WAS GOING TO PENALTIES !  The parent coach asked everyone who wanted to take a penalty; there were only three players willing to take the penalties. We were taking first. Alfie Adams hit a lethal strike heading towards the back of the net . Unfortunately for Alfie the goalkeeper just got finger tips to it! Next up was the opposition. To take the penalty he smashed it- not even Oblak would have saved it. Up next was Ryan Adams, who calmly passed it into the bottom right corner. The opposition’s penalty-taker put a lot  of power into it. Our goalkeeper, George Thompson, got a hand but it slipped through his hand. Next up it was Agastyan who slotted into the bottom right corner.IT WAS SUDDEN DEATH ! If George, managed to save it then Minch would win

Unfortunately the opposition   hammered it into the top left corner.

It had been a hugely exciting tournament but with an ultimately disappointing result.

By Agastyan




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