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Cheltenham Literature Festival

On Monday 7th October part of KS2 went to a book festival in Cheltenham. We went to see two authors, Joe Todd –Stanton, author and illustrator of ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’, ‘Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx’, ‘The Secret of Black Rock’ and ‘A Mouse called Julian’

Joe was very funny and we all understood his inspiration and influences by the end. We also saw Chris Riddell, who has written and illustrated a lot of books and he enthralled us with his interesting talk, accompanied by lots of amazing illustrations. He was funny, talkative and no-one got bored.

Mr Moss came to and found it very intriguing. “I found it really stimulating. The authors we watched were both humble and really engaging. What a valuable experience for our children.”

We all had as lovely time.


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