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Dear Parents/Carers,

Today the teachers return home with what remains of your children, after they have been:- half drowned in Mallard’s Pike;  strung out on a rope over a cliff; dragged down bat filled caves; eaten on their bikes by hungry mud swamps;  been thundered on mid abseil; abandoned down dark hobbit holes;  made black and blue from night time ‘capture the flag’; soaked in their dens; commando crawled through brambles ; been chased by a variety of blood thirsty animals (like drop bears); frozen by ice cold showers; swarmed by human eating crane flies; sweet rationed – to the point of starvation (only  five Haribo each!) ; awoken glued to their ground mats with frost; lost in the woods and pranked mercilessly by heartless adults.


We children have been amazing- kind, brave and full of laughter. It has been a special time for us.


Love from us all

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