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The book launch was really exciting. It was a huge success and nearly every one bought a copy of our new book, ‘A Portal Through Place’, a sequel to the ‘Portal Through Time,’ which we published two years ago. John Dougherty was there signing books.

Amy said, “At the book launch Mr Ricketts dressed as pig on the motorbike and Mr Weinberger was grandpig. It was so fun!”

The launch was a roaring success and the book sold loads of copies. If you would like to buy a copy, then just ask the school office and you will be told where to buy one.  There were many different performances such as songs, speeches and thank you’s. We had speeches made by Mr Moss who was dressed as Bitterfrost and Miss Toner and Mrs McCarron. The book cover was designed by Jennifer Haynes and the blurb competition was won by various people who merged their entries together to make an awesome blurb.

There were 12 chapters each individually written by each class. There were also pictures drawn by the children that have been inserted into the new book.

Mr Moss said, “I have never known a school that has written a book let alone two!”

Thank you to all of the PTA that helped with this event.

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