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A Tree

Behold! A help I am!

Held here in a secure globe,

With help from me an adult you are to be

I breathe you and you breathe me.

I hear happiness and sadness

I know everyone, the hikers and the happy picnickers,

I stretch over to shelter them,

No one says thank you

But I hear laughter,

And that’s enough for me.

I see people viciously taking my friends like packs of dogs.

Roars from chainsaws and then they fall

I know that they will take me some day.

We shout at the wind to take the humans away.

I feel very wet but very dry,

I know I’m not dry but my breath is wet.

We huddle together to catch the heat.

I feel warm-hearted towards the rodents inside me.

I know others need my oxygen

but I am old and frail

So now I’m going to die

I rest and sleep

But I might come back

As my dear child

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