Cursive writing

Reading in Reception is coming along well.  Mrs Saeed and Mrs Bugg are impressed with the progress the children are making and the effort that everyone is putting in to practising the letter sounds and reading the words at home.  We have almost learnt the alphabet sounds – just j,v,w,x,y,z and qu to go and inevitably some children are now ready to begin writing words, captions and sentences.

In school we use the cursive script for writing and the children will soon be taught how each letter is formed but, to get a head start, here is a video that shows you how we write each letter. Please be aware that we form x and z slightly differently in school to what you see in the video.



Today we started Letters and Sounds and learnt the sound ‘s’. We found lots of things around the classroom beginning with the phoneme ‘s’.

We found Sammy the spotty snake,  a silky, smooth, scarf, scissors, a pair of smelly stripy socks and a seal.

We painted snakes and thought of words to describe the snakes.

Here are some of the words we came up with

slithering, slipping, sliding, slow, sparkly, stripy, spotty, superhero, smelly, spiral, slimy, salty, sea, smooth, soft, sweet,

What things can you find at home that begin with ‘s’?

Phonics information for parents

Thank you everyone who came along to our Phonics Meeting this afternoon. Here is the powerpoint we used, a link to the correct articulation of phonemes, a leaflet of useful information and links to useful sites to help.

Phonics will begin next Monday and we will be starting with the letters s, a, t and p.

Phonics Presentation

Phonics Parents Leaflet

Oxford Owl

Our first couple of days

What a super start we have had at school! Mrs Saeed and Mrs Bugg are so pleased with how well the children are settling into their new classrooms. They have all been finding their feet and feeling their way around the school.

We have been playing inside and outside in our outdoor classroom, finding out all of the toys and equipment we have to play with.

Cook has been very kind and has brought us some yummy food to try. We have tasted fruit, different types of bread and some delicious cakes. We can’t wait for our school dinners next week.

I will add photos of the children when I have checked parental permission.