Free writing

We are encouraging the children to write anything they like. Here are some examples of what we’ve been writing lately.

“I love my mummy because I like the way she hugs me.”

A shopping list for mummy.

“Dragons can breathe fire and rainbows.”

A list of animals.

Evie used a pink polishing pen to edit her work i.e. add in her capital letters and correct some of her spelling.


We have been learning the Enormous Turnip this term.

Here is some of the writing we have been doing about the story.

We planted some seeds and wrote instructions.

More of the story…

We wrote a list of all of the characters that helped to pull up the turnip in the correct order.

Tomorrow we will write the end of the story.


This term our value is Truthfulness and we have been reading Tiddler by Julia Donaldson to demonstrate the importance of telling the truth.

We discussed some questions

What is true?

When you spill something and blame someone else that’s not true

True means it actually happened.

Why did no-one believe Tiddler when he was telling the truth?

Tiddler told too many fibs so that is why they didn’t believe him.

He always told fibs so they didn’t believe him.