Cursive writing

Reading in Reception is coming along well.  Mrs Saeed and Mrs Bugg are impressed with the progress the children are making and the effort that everyone is putting in to practising the letter sounds and reading the words at home.  We have almost learnt the alphabet sounds – just j,v,w,x,y,z and qu to go and inevitably some children are now ready to begin writing words, captions and sentences.

In school we use the cursive script for writing and the children will soon be taught how each letter is formed but, to get a head start, here is a video that shows you how we write each letter. Please be aware that we form x and z slightly differently in school to what you see in the video.


Grandparents Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea for Grandparents is only two weeks away on the 28th June. Please make sure that you have returned your completed letter to let us know who is coming and whether any of you can help during the afternoon to serve tea and coffee.

You are welcome to invite as many grandparents as you wish.

No afternoon tea is complete without cakes so we will be asking for a donation of cakes for the event. Please send them in on the Thursday morning.

Thank you in advance

Mrs Saeed and Mrs Bugg

Maths in Reception

Thank you to all of you that came along to our interactive maths session. I hope that it gave you an insight into how we teach maths in Reception. Here is a link for more information about the expectations of what the children need to learn by the end of Reception.

Image result for eyfs maths



If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to talk to us at school.

Free writing

We are encouraging the children to write anything they like. Here are some examples of what we’ve been writing lately.

“I love my mummy because I like the way she hugs me.”

A shopping list for mummy.

“Dragons can breathe fire and rainbows.”

A list of animals.

Evie used a pink polishing pen to edit her work i.e. add in her capital letters and correct some of her spelling.


We have been learning the Enormous Turnip this term.

Here is some of the writing we have been doing about the story.

We planted some seeds and wrote instructions.

More of the story…

We wrote a list of all of the characters that helped to pull up the turnip in the correct order.

Tomorrow we will write the end of the story.