The Poem’s About Snow

This poem’s about snow.

Why are you turning the snow black?

I think I will have a heart attack!

Surely you must know,

Black and sky green just don’t go!

And you simply must have sky green snow.

Black and sky green uurrgghh! Oh no!

Aarrggh! My eyes,

They’re being fried

You’ve ruined my life with that awful sight

Now I won’t sleep at night!

I’ll have nightmares of black snow

Oh no!

Surely you must know

Black and sky green just don’t go!

Arrgghh why is your snow white?

How will I ever sleep at night?






Darting through trees,

A bird swooped and played,

He soared,

He felt free, free as the wind,

He felt unstoppable, invincible,

A ray of light, his golden feathers shone,

He was joy, he was its plaything.




Footsteps crunched closer,

It was a poacher,

The poacher stalked his pray,


And closer…

He raised his gun-

And froze-

And thought…

And thought…

And thought…

He lowered his gun.


His mind raced, images ran to his head,

Imagine, imagine you were a bird,

Diving, playing, hooting,




And shot down for fun



Is killing really fun?


By Hugo



I can see it slinking silently through the woods after its next victim,

The forest growing round it disguises it from sight,


The fox reveals itself,

Its prey turns round, it runs

                                                                                                             Neither ever slowing


The rabbit dives into its home,

The fox scrabbling at the dirt around, trying to follow,

The rabbit is out, behind a lump of dirt, runs.

I drop down,

I can see the fox’s livid red coat, coal black eyes, its tail swinging hungrily,

The rabbit’s timid brown coat, the white of its tail, its eyes pierced with fear

further and further into the undergrowth, they chase

I soar with the updraft free of the




Running to the end…

by Jack

Questions at Christmas

Questions at Christmas

I would like a stocking full of toys

Laughter, laughter all around,


I wonder what is Christmas without gifts?

Is it a place of never giving?


What if Santa doesn`t come this Christmas?

What if he is off ill?

No-one will get presents on this special day-

Life without Christmas would be heart-breaking.


Do elves actually exist?

Or is it just make-believe?

When I was a child I loved Christmas-

I once saw him come down the chimney-

He took all the carrots, the mince pie and especially the milk,

But now I think to myself- what is Christmas all about?

Is it about love or laughter or is it about..


“Is Christmas all about the giving of gifts or the receiving of gifts?” someone once said to me,


‘’It`s all about the giving not receiving,’’ I answered back,

‘’I know it might be the opposite

To you but it`s better my way; it`s all about the gifts you give that show you really care and that you’re thinking of them this Christmas!”

But is that really true? Or am I wrong and it`s the opposite way round

Well you tell me…


I have been waiting for Christmas and now the day has come- Santa’s nearly here!


“We pray a merry Christmas,

Made bright by Christmas cheer!

With peace, hope and gladness!”


Merry Christmas everyone!



Martha H





My Go To Adult

My Go-To Adult  

My go-to adult is my inspirer,

She has been in the mountains,

Blonde hair turns golden under the full moon,

Her necklace shining colours as the sun, bounces to and fro.


When my face exploded with water works at the classroom doors,

My go to adult soaked up the tears with her kindness,

Caught splashes in her thoughtful heart,

Let sops fall on her designer clothes.


My go- to adult has been across the world winning everything,

Skied off mountain tops,

Persevered and cycled through muddy bogs when her knee was stiff,

Scuba -dived under storms and in vicious waves.


When the bully bullied me for being too pale,

My go to adult would glare at them,

Eyes as vicious as a lion,

And they would run away never to be seen again.


When my dad wasn’t at home, she would

Comfort me and read with me,

And turned my frown upside down.

When I wasn’t feeling well, she let me miss school,

And relax all day; she also let me have lunch in bed!


When I got told off at school,

My go-to adult let me think,

About what I did wrong,

And told me what I can do better.


By Maisie




He lay there on the river bed,

He didn’t move, he didn’t sound

He let the river wash him clean

And turn him round and around.


He stayed there for 100 years

Not moving very far,

Just going with the gentle tide

And guidance of a star.


And then one day,

The tide came strong,

And washed him out

From where he’d been so long.

By Tess



I Remember


I can remember

The house where I was born

The old little cow barn

Looking sad and forlorn.


The old broken mattress

Where I used to lie,

The tiny gas oven

Filled with a pie


The small back garden

Where I went and played

The snug little tree house

Me and  Jess made.


I can remember,

the squash round the table

not enough chairs,

for my sister Mable


by Tess







Where Am I?

Where Am I?

Where am I as the wind blows and the tree crashes and the lightning thumps. The dark rises and the humans go to sleep and some animals go to sleep. Also the owls open their orange eyes. The bats fly home in the trees. The dark makes good shadows and the wild dogs could bark but human babies go to sleep more easily.

By: Penny