My Go To Adult

My Go-To Adult  

My go-to adult is my inspirer,

She has been in the mountains,

Blonde hair turns golden under the full moon,

Her necklace shining colours as the sun, bounces to and fro.


When my face exploded with water works at the classroom doors,

My go to adult soaked up the tears with her kindness,

Caught splashes in her thoughtful heart,

Let sops fall on her designer clothes.


My go- to adult has been across the world winning everything,

Skied off mountain tops,

Persevered and cycled through muddy bogs when her knee was stiff,

Scuba -dived under storms and in vicious waves.


When the bully bullied me for being too pale,

My go to adult would glare at them,

Eyes as vicious as a lion,

And they would run away never to be seen again.


When my dad wasn’t at home, she would

Comfort me and read with me,

And turned my frown upside down.

When I wasn’t feeling well, she let me miss school,

And relax all day; she also let me have lunch in bed!


When I got told off at school,

My go-to adult let me think,

About what I did wrong,

And told me what I can do better.


By Maisie


One thought on “My Go To Adult”

  1. What a beautiful poem. You have created feelings in me which are hard to explain as I remember times with my mum as well as think about children your age who need that ‘go to adult’ who loves them just as they are, unconditionally! Fabulous!

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