Questions at Christmas

Questions at Christmas

I would like a stocking full of toys

Laughter, laughter all around,


I wonder what is Christmas without gifts?

Is it a place of never giving?


What if Santa doesn`t come this Christmas?

What if he is off ill?

No-one will get presents on this special day-

Life without Christmas would be heart-breaking.


Do elves actually exist?

Or is it just make-believe?

When I was a child I loved Christmas-

I once saw him come down the chimney-

He took all the carrots, the mince pie and especially the milk,

But now I think to myself- what is Christmas all about?

Is it about love or laughter or is it about..


“Is Christmas all about the giving of gifts or the receiving of gifts?” someone once said to me,


‘’It`s all about the giving not receiving,’’ I answered back,

‘’I know it might be the opposite

To you but it`s better my way; it`s all about the gifts you give that show you really care and that you’re thinking of them this Christmas!”

But is that really true? Or am I wrong and it`s the opposite way round

Well you tell me…


I have been waiting for Christmas and now the day has come- Santa’s nearly here!


“We pray a merry Christmas,

Made bright by Christmas cheer!

With peace, hope and gladness!”


Merry Christmas everyone!



Martha H





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