The Poem’s About Snow

This poem’s about snow.

Why are you turning the snow black?

I think I will have a heart attack!

Surely you must know,

Black and sky green just don’t go!

And you simply must have sky green snow.

Black and sky green uurrgghh! Oh no!

Aarrggh! My eyes,

They’re being fried

You’ve ruined my life with that awful sight

Now I won’t sleep at night!

I’ll have nightmares of black snow

Oh no!

Surely you must know

Black and sky green just don’t go!

Arrgghh why is your snow white?

How will I ever sleep at night?






Darting through trees,

A bird swooped and played,

He soared,

He felt free, free as the wind,

He felt unstoppable, invincible,

A ray of light, his golden feathers shone,

He was joy, he was its plaything.




Footsteps crunched closer,

It was a poacher,

The poacher stalked his pray,


And closer…

He raised his gun-

And froze-

And thought…

And thought…

And thought…

He lowered his gun.


His mind raced, images ran to his head,

Imagine, imagine you were a bird,

Diving, playing, hooting,




And shot down for fun



Is killing really fun?


By Hugo



I can see it slinking silently through the woods after its next victim,

The forest growing round it disguises it from sight,


The fox reveals itself,

Its prey turns round, it runs

                                                                                                             Neither ever slowing


The rabbit dives into its home,

The fox scrabbling at the dirt around, trying to follow,

The rabbit is out, behind a lump of dirt, runs.

I drop down,

I can see the fox’s livid red coat, coal black eyes, its tail swinging hungrily,

The rabbit’s timid brown coat, the white of its tail, its eyes pierced with fear

further and further into the undergrowth, they chase

I soar with the updraft free of the




Running to the end…

by Jack